An Industry Driven College Council

The Institute is governed by a council drawn primarily from the industry involving significant industry and community leaders who have helped to ensure that the Institute remains relevant and future-oriented.

Governing Council Of The D.K.T.E.Society

Governing Body

Sr.No. Name Designation
01 Mr. Kallappanna Baburao Awade Chairman
02 Mr. Prakash Kallappanna Awade Vice Chairman
03 Mrs. (Dr.)  Sapana Uttamrao Awade Hon. Secretary
04 Mr. Prakash Dnyanba Dattwade Treasurer
05 Mr. Bhupal Balwant Kagwade Trustee
06 Mr. Sarjerao Dattajirao Patil Trustee
07 Mr. Prakash Bapuso More Trustee
08 Mr. Sunil Satgonda Patil Trustee
09 Mr. Swanand Mukund Kulkarni Trustee
10 Mr. Anil Tatyaso Kudache Trustee 
11 Mr. Chandrashekhar Manikchand Shaha Trustee

Yashwantrao Chavan Polytechnic, Ichalkaranji

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